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What Are The Types of Telco Products?

Telco or Telecommunications is defined as transmission of information using a line of communication such as telephones. The information is carried out by either text, voice, images and even video using a product or tool that will make it work such as fax machine. Telecommunication that is carried out as classified is a telco product.


Alexander Graham Bell created the first telephone or the Electrical Speech Machine in 1876 the telco or the telecommunications industry have evolved drastically creating a wide array of products that caters both businesses and personal use. Listed below are some of the different telco products and its usage.


Ever since the invention of the telephone in 1876, it has become smaller, wireless and portable that people can bring it with them anywhere. Another important invention that has become a great addition to the telephone is the answering machine, any calls important calls that you were not able to answer from your family, friends, clients and customers you can easily call them back as they can leave you recorded messages on your answering machine. In the recent years, all on one answering machine have become popular and its price dropped significantly due to the advancement of technology. Do you cater a lot of calls in your office? The multi-line Call Center Phone System Dubai is affordable and is great for offices that do not have enough budget.


The fax machine or the Facsimile copy image and text on a piece of paper and then transfer the information or data in another fax machine anywhere in the work through the telephone lines. Both fax machine and answering machine, they have become cheaper and smaller as there are more innovations that can cater both its job without the need to carry equipment. The phone, printer, fax and copy machine combination is now a growing number in every household all over the world.


Are you looking for a Voip Telephone System that can cater all your business needs? The voice/data line sharing device is one of the newest telco products that you can take advantage of. Port-switching mechanism help run you telephone, answering machine, fax machine, modems, climate control, security poll cash register, climate control and credit card terminals without the need to separate each line for each device.


The two way radio or walkie-talkie is another device that may fall into the category of teleco products. This product has also become less common and its price dropped significantly due to a more advanced technology that are being sold everyday. Depending on the area and terrain, the two-way radio can communicate each other up to 6 miles. Two-way radio works perfectly with other radio if they are tuned in in a same frequency and works best with a larger group.